Hélène Ta's portrait

Hello there,

My name is Hélène Ta, a 23-year-old aspiring to be a product owner and a 4th year student at Hetic. Ex front-end developer intern at gremlin works (Taipei) & Basaltiq (Paris).

For two years now, I thrive as a front end developer and a project manager. I enjoy overviewing a project from scratch, from finding the right idea to creating it.

I also understand technical issues since the very beginning and I am able to advise and offer insights early on, and save time, money and ressources. This is why I enjoy so much working as both, grasping the user’s needs, understand the client’s vision and developing it.

For the last few years, I am committed to help climate change and to advocate for sex equality. I also founded with three friends the Show&Tell, which is conferences intended as an introduction to web related subjects through different actors and experiences.

I’m a looking for a 6-month internship from June to December 2019 where we can work together to build rewarding projects.

Thanks to Tran Minh Villageois for designing this portfolio.